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Grandma ChristineGrandma Christine
20:07 14 Mar 23
I had a bracelet repaired here and bought a very nice ring while in the store. Bracelet repair is beautiful. I am impressed. Thank you very much.
Paul GardnerPaul Gardner
00:31 07 Feb 23
The owner and staff were very helpful.
Nancy ChristieNancy Christie
16:02 11 Aug 22
I highly recommend Le’s amazing Customer service and excellent craftsmanship
21:28 16 Jul 22
Had a gold anklet that needed repair on the chain. The front desk lady fitted me in last min and the soldering was done in 15min. I called around other repair stores in town and everywhere else said they needed it for one week at much higher rate. Super friendly staff and i would definitely come back for any other repair job. Recommend to anyone:)
kyna crumleykyna crumley
01:59 20 May 22
Went in this afternoon to repair a chain clasp and they did it on the spot in under fifteen minutes for a very good price. I was quoted over a hundred dollars and weeks to send it away to replace the clasp and solder the new one on by other places in the city, but they took a look and told me it could be bent back into place right then and there. The lady there was very nice and so friendly. Definitely my new go-to place for new jewelry and repairs despite the half hour drive!!

non-member45205 on July 1, 2014

This is my new favorite place to purchase my Pandora charms for family and friends. I now send my husband and friends to t his location. No line up and they are so welcoming. They take the time to go through items with you. The owner also makes REALLY nice personal jewelry from scratch or from you older pieces. This is a best kept secret!

Wendy Jackson on February 8, 2014

They are very professional,trustworthy and helpful at Lees jewelers. Lan is always going out of her way for whatever needs you may have and her assistant Lisa is very much the same. It is a pleasure dealing with this store.

non-member22252 on September 24, 2010

I love what you ‘ve done to my engagement ring. It meant a lot to me. Thanks a million.

koln89 on August 3, 2010

Bought a beautiful canadian Eskimo Arctic Ice diamond. Service was great. The diamond was so sparkling, I get many many compliments Thank You Thank You

non-member20550 on July 21, 2010

I’d just like to thank you for treating me like a valuable customer. You’ve made my ring just like new and I can’t say how happy I am … Thank you and I’ll definitely pass on the good words for you. Cheers!

luckylady on August 21, 2009

I got a custom diamond ring done at Le’s and it was surpassed my expectation…. It was much better than what I thought and the price was very reasonable. I will come back for more …. Thank you, Le’s. Keep doing the good work!

non-member6009 on November 10, 2008

My father was kind enough to buy me a beautiful watch for my birthday. It was stunning with a blend of silver and gold and highlighted with crystals. But the face seemed to be too small for my liking. I was hesitant to return it though, as it was chosen with love by my father. After a few weeks I had an opportunity to go out and as I was dressing I went to put my new watch on. It was then that I realized why I thought the face was too small. As birthdays do go by so do the eyes decline. I was unable to clearly see the time without stretching my arm out. The next day I explained my situation to Mrs. Le and she was more than glad to offer to replace my watch for a larger face one. This is what makes Le’s Jewelry stand out among other stores today. Quality product and excellent service. Thank you for treating me as a fair customer and my family and I look forward to doing more business at Le’s in the future.